Elettroservice has ISO 9001:2008 quality certification and is qualified by C.Q.O.P. SOA  for the execution of public and private works by C.Q.O.P. SOA in the following categories:

- OG. 10: systems for transforming high/medium voltage and for distribution AC and DC electric power;
- OS. 30: internal electrical, telephone, radio-telephone and television systems;
- OG. 9: systems for the production of electricity.

   Accredia      QCB    SOA

Finally the thirty-year-old experience by Elettroservice is a further guarantee of the company’s reliability.



The present law promotes the distribution of photovoltaic installations whether in Italy or in Europe in accordance with international trends of using renewable energy.
The industry is young and dynamic and in a constant evolution, which is why the companies must be constantly updated and keep up with constantly changing regulations.

That is why the Elettroservice staff takes part in various training courses proposed by different category associations as they are convinced that the deep knowledge of various bureaucratic, technical and economical aspects can guarantee that the company stays in the market effectively while also providing the customer with a quality service.